Tarout Island:

By:Nidal Al-Masire, Tarout Village








   This small island off the coast of Qateef oasis has provided the most substantial evidence of Arabian involvement in the third millennium B.C trade the island appears to have boasted avery active seaport which was involved in a wide spread trading network it could also have served a vital of unction as a link between the mainland and the flow of trade.



Tarout Castle:

Qatif Oasis Website, Qatif City, 08-14-2006


  One of the most important historical and hereditable locations on the Gulf Sea coast is the famous Tarut castle which is still fighting nature’s roughness, age affects and negligence to stay an important symbol for antiquities and heritage not only in our valuable country but world wide. Lots of visitors to this area are concerned to visit it and take some pictures with this unflattering castle.


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