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  Tarout Castle:

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It’s 5 thousand years old… Located in Tarut… and a Concern for Tourists
Tarut Castle Became one of Hereditable Symbols that Attract Tourists in the Eastern Region


One of the most important historical and hereditable locations on the Gulf Sea coast is the famous Tarut castle which is still fighting nature’s roughness, age affects and negligence to stay an important symbol for antiquities and heritage not only in our valuable country but world wide. Lots of visitors to this area are concerned to visit it and take some pictures with this unflattering castle.

It was built on a high hill in the center of Tarut Island which it is named after. On the towers of the towering castle, the viewer can watch most of the island, its shores and gardens from all directions where the blue color of the sky meets the blueness of the sea and the greenness of the land.

It’s History:

Tarut castle was built after the rubbles of Ishtarut skeleton near a wellhead known as Al-Awda well in the sixteenth Gregorian century based on the ruins of an older event 5 thousand years before that. Finally, it was fenced in.

This castle with Al-Basha bath and Dera (a small town), that both neighbor it, represent basic piles for the tourism in the area for their high historical and hereditable perch. The source of the name Tarut is Ishtarut, named by the Phoenicians after the name of their God of love and beauty.

With this great castle, Tarut Island assures that it is the birth of cultures, one of the earliest cities in history and the most important seaport in the past. The date of settlement in Tarut goes back to at least five thousand years and it was a habitation for a mixture of Canaanite and Phoenicians clans before they moved to the Mediterranean Sea shores and it is considered to be one of the earliest places for human settlement.



It’s Location:

The castle is located in the center of Tarut Island, a town east of Qatif and it belongs to it administratively. Tarut Island is considered to be one of the widest islands located on the Gulf Sea in the Kingdom, and can be considered the largest island after Al-Bahrain. It is in the sea, 5 kilometers away from Qatif but it is connected to it now from the west side because of the civilizational growth.

The famous Tarut castle centers the ancient districts that were built near it to give it the strength, prestige and opposition because of its historical and moral value and some of the homes that are attached to it still have people until this day.

It is located on main, wide and beautiful roads near shops and main services. Lots of visitors and legations visit it frequently and any one can reach it easily from inside the country, neighboring countries or foreign ones that is because of newly roads that are surrounded from both sides with green trees which connect the island to the coast of Qatif city that is connected with other areas and cities in the Kingdom by main roads.

Those who visit this ancient castle should not forget carrying the camera to take photos and shouldn’t hesitate to talk to the kind inhabitants who hurry in offering help and tourism guidance to whom visit their famous castle.

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